Everything Motion

Suddenly, the scene: – Head: I do not want error. It looked the coarse, black face and waited. Compenetrado. the voice returned thicker? – imperative: – The yellow caught merchandise it sacaneou and me. It was informed and It swims! You now, go to make collection. We are combined? In the return, we make right its payment.

The hand of thick fingers then in the farewell and, pressing it, if raised of the chair to the front of bir, with that organization was the head of . – Everything in as. I go to act. In more delaying in the end of the week I make last collection Head with rapidity if moves there running, in return to the motion and going up it, it goes off. Running away, it disappears of the scene. The shouts.

The body that arqueja and to the few, if immobilizes, while the surrounding residences keep the closed doors and windows. Respecting the practical convenience of the law of silence. The dog continues barking. The guard whistles, dissimulating to give security to the inhabitants of the place. The cricket cricrila As nothing had been happened, in the distance, the motion using to advantage the avenue without vehicles, in its insane person race, goes diminishing, diminishing >.

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