Decent Wages

Top tips. Appreciate your skills. First, you will be free to speak for everyone, but if other people make money on your music, you will without doubt be included in the money "share". Be part of the site action. Most private clubs with strict control of the Faith are self-contained and they can not get through, but if you do not penetrate inside, you're nowhere.

Create your own tracks. This is the best way to be noticed. Nowadays it is almost mandatory. How to avoid extortion and fraud. Cash only. Never take a check. The best option – to receive payment before his speech.

Then you do not have to run and ask everyone, which means "the organizer went home?" Beware of paying expenses "out of pocket." Do not believe anyone who promises to return the money for anything. If they cover the costs of travel or accommodation, as part of the deal, make sure that they are openly paid for it. Apply for a contact. The contract protects you from the legal side, but it is an indicator of distrust. Provided that many of your gig will appear in the course of personal contacts, you should think very carefully about whether you want to use it. Angazhiruyuschie agencies insist on a written contract and the DJs love it, because it isolates them from the paper severe problem in this business. You should always use a contract for the gig abroad and out of town. At least get a solid oral agreement and record the details.

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