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If your opponent usually has a strong hand then try to steal not work. In this scenario, just calling preflop is a decision that requires quite a bit to suit you: the limpers have to jump, your opponent has to have weak hands in his range and the flop has to cooperate with your plan to the attempted robbery scared enough. Scenario 4. All your table is very nit, including the preflop raiser. Think the preflop raiser is making this bet so great because he gets nervous his hand and wants to pull everyone. The table is tight enough as to allow limpers probably be thrown.

In this scenario, do call makes sense. Your tight opponent know what to do call a big bet suggesting some strength in your hand, and fear that your hand is better than he has (unless that given the fact that having pair of aces or kings). If you call and all limpers are thrown (as planned) then your opponent can throw your hand on the flop. You can make a big bet with a couple large and may then make a small bet or check if no league or do not like and your hands (like a board with 99 QJ 4). In this case you call preflop with the intention to respond accurately to your opponent pull his hand on the flop.

So what you are trying to achieve? Are you playing 76s because you want to flop a project and win a big pot of your strong rival? It is a bad plan because the preflop raise is too large compared to the size of the stacks. You’ll be all-in (or at least committed to the pot) on the flop, before, therefore you complete your project. Are you playing 76s because it works well in multiway pots, and this will be a boat of this kind? Again, not a good plan because you are forced to commit too soon. Are you playing 76s because your opponents are nits because plan to call preflop and take the pot on the flop? If so, you’re doing well. Plan your hands. Considers the likely scenarios and decide if you like. How do you play your hand if the obvious is it? What are the scenarios that you like and how they are likely? If you do this you will avoid playing with the autopilot and take better decisions and more profitable.

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