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In our time, when life without electrical equipment and appliances is not possible, create all possible conditions for access to regular sources of electricity. However, still there are situations in which have to take care of the presence of aggregates, supplying uninterrupted power supply. Remote from major settlements built chalet and cottage settlements, the need to work "in the field conditions "are infrequent, but still an emergency situation in power cause the thought of buying their own devices, capable of providing energy, if not a large area, then at least part of it – necessary for a comfortable stay. And here in front of consumers raises the question of buying a generator. Now on the market are a lot of models from different manufacturers, which gives a wide choice and at the same time raises a number of issues. What to consider when finding the right electric generator for you? Power generator in the first place, it is necessary to determine the power of the device, but it depends on the set before generator problems. First you should calculate the total power of the consumers of electricity used simultaneously.

This, of course, lights, refrigerator and binding so beloved modern humans tv. Moreover, if a house or villa under construction, should think about the used power tools: drills, grinders and other powerful and not very devices. Calculating the power of devices and equipment, which can be plugged in at once, should be added to the resulting figure is 20-30% – and it will be necessary to you the power generator.

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