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The sector of the automotion has undergone great changes from the beginnings of the economic crisis and the marks strive in developing less polluting and cheaper models. What it has not changed they are the options of the consumer at the time of choosing what type of car to buy: new, of second hand or kilometer 0. These last ones are especially interesting; in addition, in January of 2011 the matriculation of cars km 0 in the sector has been increased remarkably, reason why it is a good moment to consider this option. First that we must know on vehicles km 0 it is that they are registered by the concessionaires by diverse reasons and therefore we can directly remove benefit from two advantages: on the one hand, we do not have ourselves to make position of the matriculation cost, on the other, the car it loses a certain value when stopping being new, usually it is between a 5 and 20 percent. Exposed this way the most obvious question arises to us: because to register new cars soon to sell them cheaper? Several reasons exist to do it. Many cars of exhibition must be registered before taking to fairs or events, these are particularly interesting because usually do not have more than 50 kilometers and usually they are bought with all the seals of factory, guaranteeing so it has not been used to circulate.

Another explanation is that the official concessionaires, to be able to enjoy the advantages that the manufacturer gives to the concessions that arrive at the objectives of sales, register several cars that are considered like sold automatically. This allows a remarkable reduction for the client since it is buying a totally new car to price of km 0. Another effect of this is the increase of the sales since many concessionaires register from small cars to saloon cars of high range with different equipment, providing therefore an ample fan of possibilities. Before buying a car kilometer 0 it is necessary to take several precautions. First of everything it is that the kilometrage does not surpass the 50 kilometers, if outside thus could be cars of management, that is to say, cars used by commercial managers and for its displacements or tests with clients. Secondly it is important to know when the vehicle has been registered, normally would not have to surpass the 6 or 8 months. Thirdly and although not always it is possible, it is important to conserve the complete guarantee of the house, that is to say, that does not discount to the guarantee the time that the car takes registered. Finally, if the car has details that make think us that it has been used to circulate, the best thing is to retractar themselves of the purchase.

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