CA-320 Unit (cementing Unit )

CA-320 unit (cementing unit) is designed to inject fluids for cementing wells during drilling and workover, as well as during other washing and squeezing jobs in the oil and gas wells. Also, the CA-320 is used in hydraulic fracturing interstratal, hydro-blasting perforation, with crimp wells and washing the sand plugs. Installing the cementing assembly is mounted on the chassis Ural-4320, Kamaz and KrAZ. The composition of the installation: mounting base, high-pressure pump, manifold; vodopodayuschy block. High-pressure pump NC-320 – horizontal, two-piston, two-way mode of action with a built-worm gearbox increased load capacity. Developed on the basis of pump 9T, major pump parts vzaimozaminyaemy. Additional options: – device for the engine parts hydraulic high-pressure pumps for the operation plants at low temperatures – a collector for the simultaneous operation of multiple units for cementing wells and o50 mm adapter for connection to the suction line hose – Control System temperature of oil in crankcase pump NC-320 with displaying on the dashboard. SPECIFICATIONS: – High pressure pump: SPC-320 (Piston) – Power consumption: 125 kW – Net power: 100 kW – working discharge pressure: 32 MPa – the ultimate discharge pressure: 40 MPa – the highest ideal flow: 26 l / s – dimensions: 2385 x 750 x 2390 – Measuring tank capacity: 6 cubic meters – capacity of the tank for cement: 0.25 cubic meters – nominal diameter the receiving line: 100 mm – nominal diameter discharge line: 50 mm – pump vodopodayuschego block – cns 38-154, centrifugal – the pump: self-contained motor 3m3-511 (GAZ-53)

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