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Antenor was one gentleman of age that liveed in a farm. Where it liveed had a village with many people and all were congregated, they gave notes of purchases, they explained it where to buy and what to buy. As it did not have no store or market in the village, Antenor brought everything of the city that was the 30 kilometers of the village. It was a species of leader of the community and the only one that charrete had one. In that Saturday it collected the order of the besiegers, received the money and went leaving when she appeared a young woman and he asked for that it bought it one soutien, therefore the only one that he had tears.

Antenor was half without skill, as to buy one soutien it was man, not wise person as to buy that. It explained that she was easy, simple coisinha, was enough it to choose the color, a well pretty color, she is clearly, and she gave the number to it of the such. Antenor broke in its wagon, seeing the slow steps of the horse, the fields flowery, the birds, the stream. There per the half day it arrived at the city and started to make the purchases. First of it, and clearly. Made its purchases, he started to make the purchase of the others. Rolled tobacco-leaf pro Maneco, bottles of drips Joo, the silk of Marcela, bobies of Joana, the pants of Ambrsio pro.

that is that and that for that one, that one for that one. was as soon as it arrived in the close part of the young woman. It looked a great store. The store was full of well young young women. Each one prettiest one than to another one. As it would be good for being there looking at those wonders. A maiden soon came to take care of it prazeirosamente: – I desire to you? – I wanted one Soon and now? It forgot the name it devil the part that the young woman used.

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