Business Negotiations

As a functional trainer, I often talk with groups of participants, as an expert in sales development with vendors at retail outlets, as an employee with managers and colleagues, as the girl with men, as people to people. All these negotiations are totally different, but there is one common point, without which I am not negotiating and public speaking. This is the initial contact. By establishing a contact I get it when we see one with someone in other not only professionals but also people. Sometimes we are so hurry to live and act that our relationship be to discuss sensitive business matters. We are so passionate about their tasks, goals, feelings, emotions, other people's problems are outside of our attention. In preparation for negotiations, we think about meeting your goals. Before the public performance, experience, the impression we make, completely forgetting about our conversation.

We think that We need to listen because we are on the scene, or because we are leaders or older, or wiser. We find many reasons why we should listen, but when we start to speak, was surprised to find that we can not hear and see no interest in conversing. Imagine a situation in which you have probably been many times. You have just entered the store, have not been able to look around and suddenly heard the voice of a professional seller "as you suggest?". What we often respond, "Thanks, I'll take a look." What prompted such a response? People do not tend to talk about their needs before until they understand who they say.

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