Ageladeira April

I was looking at the city to sleep. Ficadeserta looked at as the Av. Brazil the night. Of time in when it passed an car, a motion, a galeroso. I started to calculate the time deintervalo between each car that passed: between the first one and as it had umademora of five minutes; third, three> . It was softer; she perfectly travesseiroencaixava it in my nape of the neck; The fronha was with smells of Vinlia.

Ovento did not stop to blow. It came each stronger and more cold time. Eramaravilhoso, a wonder, one maravi Suddenly, a bark ensurdecedorentrou for the window. Drug! That dog scared me in the worse hour I says a’ ‘ worse hora’ ‘ because it was in that phase, where it was not sleeping, and it noestava more waked up. With the scare, my heart sped up in an absurd way.

Although everything, my body aindaestava sleepy. My heart started to relax. I looked at for the window and I looked ocu black without no star One, two,> three barks. Dog seemed queaquele was inside of my room. Each bark was a scare. I ran until ajanela e, without thinking, I made with that my voice echoed for the black space of the noitemanaura: ' ' it silences the mouth, leprous dog! ' '. I seated in the stool, thinking if ficargritando in the way of the night, it would go to decide the situation. Also it did not interest, aminha hope in having some hours of sleep, already it did not exist more. Ageladeira April, and it were there. Ah! A Coquinha in a glass bottle. Not temsabor better that this. It seems that the aluminum of latinha and the plastic of outragarrafa take off the flavor original. The glass not. With the glass it is special. The barks continued. The worse one of the barks is intervalosentre one and another one.

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