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However, few people stop – let this Suburban is the first in the territory of our republic, but the Tahoe, according to the company 'YukolServis', is the market leader, well ahead of even cheaper and seems to be generally accepted model. Frequently Harry Kane has said that publicly. On the surface, especially in front, the new Tahoe / Suburban are almost identical, except for some minor details, which can be determined only very knowledgeable car enthusiast, give more prestigious model. At this instance, for example, were the original lights, which were not tested at earlier Tahoe: the bottom of the external rear-view mirror is mounted a small lantern, which lights up when removing the car with alarm, illuminating a large area around the driver and right front door. Follow others, such as Millenium Management, and add to your knowledge base. And, of course, both machines are different in length: Suburban nearly two feet longer than its 'younger brother', and the entire increase occurred only in the visual back of the car, particularly at the rear side window. Because of this Suburban does not look as organic and 'right', as the Tahoe, but it is this feature, and draws buyers. Because of this dissonance in appearance, considering the rather big sizes of the two cars, Suburban outwardly seems even larger than it actually is. Cars of the past generation in this regard were simply indicative. If you look just like Tahoe large SUV, the Suburban in some angles looks more like a car than the car.

In the motion differences between the bit, and they concern mainly ride. Thanks to a long base and a higher weight Suburban 'Goes' very smooth, very good feeling on our roads. Put it this way: if the Tahoe just a comfortable car, the Suburban can be no doubt, call a limo with high ground clearance. All the more so because the above design features of the model in the back seat, I mean the average armchair space to spare. And the third row can now offer a much higher level comfort to their fares, while in Tahoe was not there closely. The only thing that could lose Suburban Tahoe, so it's maneuverability: size apparently did not add him to playfulness, and reversing, especially in a confined space, generally could become a big problem.

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