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10 years IPF Multiversity & com-UNIC group of companies under the motto ‘ lifelong learning and sustainability ‘ 10 years anniversary of the IPF Multiversity & com-UNIC was group of companies on September 3 at the Auditorium of the print media Academy in Heidelberg duly celebrated. Both groups have invited to selected customers and partners and the present both on the past achievements, but also on the future work could look with a wide range of papers. Unit breaks, or during the buffet were the common Exchange and new business contacts in the Center. Welcome speech by Alexander Seiler, CEO of com-UNIC group in his welcoming words pointed Managing Director Alexander Seiler the objectives of the com-UNIC group there, which has managed to bring together people of from different cultures on different levels and this at a time in which the individual is increasingly into the background. Robotics contributes greatly to this topic. Through the program, the media expert Rolf Kienle, appealing introduced the respective faculty led and After the Department also exchanges moderated with the guests. Franziska Brantner, a member of the European Parlementes for the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region as the deputies of the European Parliament for the metropolitan region, Franziska Brantner, the word was first an invited speaker.

She mentioned that 20 languages are spoken in the European Parliament, and you therefore easily could imagine, intercultural understanding and learning are as important. The Green politician took State and company the responsibility to take the fear of the people, to open up internationally. Germany would be, for example, only in the midfield of young people studying abroad. The funds from the EU pot available to support education would not be siphoned off by German trainees and flow back to the EU. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Hohr, head of personnel development of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG of second and equally exciting speakers was the Director of staff development of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Dr.

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