Workplace Health Promotion For Small Businesses

Can also micro – and small enterprises in Hamburg a psychosocial workplace health promotion their employees provide. Hamburg, February 29, 2012. More and more micro – and small enterprises take an external employee assistance as psychosocial workplace health promotion with tax exemption claim and protect yourself from mental failure illness of employees. In Germany work about 60% of employment in small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs, providing 99.4% of all farms. About 50% are working in enterprises with fewer than 50 employees and about 26% in micro enterprises. Also applies to these companies: is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified skilled employees and executives and to keep. But what small businesses can afford to have a workplace health promotion for employees? So many entrepreneurs thought and saw long downtime of ill employees are helpless.

How can you increase the psychosocial health and thus the satisfaction of employees and this tax free? This question was also the Hamburger consultancy LifeB consulting and offers with the external employee assistance – a workplace health promotion exclusively for micro and small enterprises (KKU) up to 50 employees assistance program (SEAP) small employee. Targeted towards exhaustion, anxiety, stress, depression, burnout and Boreout – prevention. Many micro – and small enterprises are not promoting informed, that the annual tax act according to 3 No. 34 measures the employer for workplace health promotion remain tax-free ITA since 2009 up to 500.00 per employee. These tax-exempt non-contributory health promotion must be demonstrated not more complicated. Also cash benefits (grants) of the employer to his employees, who use it for external measures falling under the exemption. For the workers it is also tax-free benefits, which are subject to payroll tax not. A business usually takes only money in the hand if it is promises of a profit. The profit is an external employee assistance in various forms, when it is ready to provide its employees with psychosocial workplace health promotion.

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