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And if you wanted to copy entities (lines, arcs, etc.) a drawing to another?, clear, now I open two or three files at a time and use copy and paste as you would use it in Word or Excel. But in those days, with Windows 3.11 or 95 or what you’ve had, and with AutoCAD 10 or 12, even I think 14, not could open two files at once in a single session. What you could try, if your little machine had some stamina (RAM and other resources) and allowed you, is opening two sessions of AutoCAD and attempting to use Copy and Paste. But neither think in paste into other programs. Well, it could leave something approximate to what they wanted, but presentations (Layout) did not exist.

You had the space model and a space paper in which all views that you could you manged. Ah!, of course, with operating systems of that time, the file name only could have up to 8 characters (letters), or you improvisabas. Even if I remember correctly, this was also applied to the names of layers. Printers, of course, matrix. The others were just appearing on the market and reserved for those with a slightly greater purchasing power. The plain text of individual lines we had to write only. There were no facilities that gives us the Mtext or text in multiple lines of the more advanced versions. Already with AutoCAD 2000 we were able to work with several files at once, and many new things.

We have today as the 2008 and 2009 versions. Rendering with materials and almost realistic lights, etc. etc. etc. And of course, you enter to the Web and find what you want in seconds. Fernando Squaglia province of Santa Fe Argentina original author and source of the article

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