Windows Server

This means: you are working on a remote Windows Server. All programs run on these super fast computers. As regards the security of the data, so you can sit back confidently. All data, whether on your META10 DSP work place or in the corporate directory is redundantly backed up. This means that the data in a rhythm of 4 h, daily, monthly and yearly media such as E.g. a SAN (storage area network – to German storage area network) and a tape drive secured several times on various backup. We accept for our customers”even going to the vault in a Bank, Mr Merz explains his innovation.

“Amazing is that for the connection to the workplace in the clouds” the old PC’s & laptops are still well suited, because the computing power must be locally available. To the point, this means that the investment cycle of until now, 3-5 years to over 6 years or more, can be raised, such as tests for META10 customers prove. As support work accounts for the productive META10 DSP workstation. These are taken entirely by META10. Was it an update, a new anti virus, a new MS Office etc. The customer needs no longer support and the acquisition of hardware and software to take care of.

In this respect can he sit back so to speak and in peace his main occupation investigate, without fear in the neck, when probably the next EDP surprise is imminent. Various so-called SuccessStories (success stories) on the homepage of the provider repeatedly confirm these benefits. At its core, META10 DSP is a win-win business with a positive spiral. META10 itself is obviously interested in the daily operation to work as smoothly as possible. For a trouble-free operation, also their administrators have less. On the other hand, the customer has a cost – and performance – optimized computing. So he and his co-workers who otherwise nearly measure can use full time for respective core competencies.

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