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An analysis of attacks from the Internet. Foreword the Internet has become to one of the most important communication channels in our time. Many everyday activities are now unless the conversation with friends, the Christmas shopping or the search for the upcoming work outsourced to the global network. A medium that is as versatile and as popular as the Internet, offers the ideal base as a webmaster, to present yourself, products or services, or your company. But compared to your company and your customers, of course, you have the obligation to ensure security on your Web presence. Finally, not only the image but also economic damage arising from illegal encroachments.

Criminally motivated individuals with appropriate expertise and tools make the task to break into your server and to wreak havoc in different ways. This is your software used for example by exploiting a vulnerability in the program code. In this two-part Articles wants to can I explain, how to prevent such attacks and to protect even before then. To do this, I dedicate myself in the first part of the actual problem analysis and familiarize you with important background information about the timing of an attack. The second part deals with the consequences, supposedly useful help tools and preventive measures. This article will offer you a glimpse into a complex subject area.

Because as is so often true: many roads lead to Rome, or in this case to the themed security of your systems. The approach chosen by me to bring you to the complications of online crime and the corresponding countermeasures. I want to make you aware, learn the importance of a secure website and thus to contribute, to make the Internet a bit safe. Status at the present time, attacks on servers are an unpleasant but integral part of Internet operation. The fear of illegal attack is great.

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