What We Learn Of Loneliness

The soul that talk can be with eyes, can also kiss with the look. Adolfo Becquer life is a box of surprises when we least expect it, we face situations inviting us to be attentive, that they enclose and contribute towards our personal and spiritual growth that touches us each experience it. Precisely in this way physical, perishable, transit, ubicados located in a physical body that accompanies us up when our hour of leaving it comes and we give life through our spirit with this divine energy capable of generating all those actions that we favour. That spirit faithful to our essence, is what allows us to face with sobriety, tolerance, all those tests that invite us to fill our wallet of human experience, those that pertain to know to take advantage of the opportunity that is given to us, to not let us pollute by those emotions capable of generating us conflict situations affecting our real exploitation of this potential that has bequeathed to usto be used while we remain in this dimension. Already We will have faced different levels that consciousness is able to generate and tackle, will have lived everything that love is able to lead us when we are attentive, because we know it to handle, we have ventured into its scope, what generates our feelings and what we are able to provide, beget in all those who come to us in some way. We have already experienced, felt, enjoyed the happiness that peace holds, which encourages harmony. We will have known how feelings manifest themselves according to our growth, we have understood, what represents the dependency, tie, not be attentive in what feelings can offer us. What is happiness, honesty, integrity, respect, the lie, the fallacy, hatred, anger, rage, all those positive and negative manifestations. Just as we have also approached the loneliness, will have felt it, we have perhaps been delving into it and get that wisdom, that information that is capable of providing us, when they know it will identify in its essence in its reason for being.

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