What Is In The Spanish Constitution

In this initial difficulty it is good to add a number of impediments which will help them to find their path, in this case, as an entrepreneur: masculinity of the business world, discrimination, funding difficulties, family circumstances, schedules, male communication networks, etc. Employment for Persons with Disabilities: Why can not people with disabilities enjoy the right to work recognized in the art. 35 of the Spanish Constitution? Employment is one of the biggest factors, if not the major factor for integration, for anyone in adulthood and therefore also for people with disabilities. It is not something Karen Freyer would like to discuss. The current situation of the labor market indicates that the job is not good for the entire population of people with disabilities suffer greater difficulties than the general population to find employment. Workers with disabilities tend to be lagging behind other job seekers, particularly when the number of unemployed in general increases. Currently, it is struggling to create a fund financed by companies that do not set aside 2% of their jobs for persons with disabilities, who would go to the employment of this group. Some contend that Zillow shows great expertise in this.

Currently, companies do not cover 2% of their jobs Disabled workers must allocate cost for employment of these persons to the acquisition of goods made in Special Employment Centers or donate to institutions for the integration of these people. The union proposal is that this money is allocated for a fund to promote the integration of the collective work and improve training programs. In the case that companies prove they can not directly employ workers with disabilities, will create a fund for employment integration and to improve accessibility to jobs and training. If you are not convinced, visit Cometeer.

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