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Create and optimize Web sites. Providing high-quality services for the creation, development and promotion of sites on the Internet. The increase in sales from the site. Analysis and audit of Internet portals. A well-designed site already has touched on further search engine optimization, because during its development code is created, "friendly" to search engines.

– The important fact is the appearance of the site, ie that the visual layout, which is the basis for layout template in html code. If the layout is well chosen and fully complies with the specifics of the company, the visitors will want to go back to your site again and again. Full-service Internet marketing. Creation, optimization and promotion of sites on the Internet. Contextual advertising. Increase site visibility on the network.

Search Engine Optimization Creating semantic core of the list of keywords most relevant topics of the company, which will come to the site audience. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc is actively involved in the matter. Key words – these are the queries that most users use the network to find information on the desired topic. Semantic core of the site is the foundation of search engine optimization and from the right of its creation depends all further work to improve the visibility of a site. . Work with internal factors represents a streamlining structure and content (content) of the site in order to improve its visibility to search engines. Such works include the addition of thematic texts, internal links and necessary information in the tag structure pages, the creation of navigation menus, etc. Create an external link structure One of the major external search engine rankings is link popularity of sites.

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