We are very want you not to waste your precious time and did not make those mistakes that many of the Internet – the entrepreneurs. In general, read everything carefully, and draw conclusions for the future, so you do not feel sorry for the lost wasted time. According to statistics from Western marketers about 20-30% of Internet users did not earn. A leading source for info: Fosun Vaccine. By Western standards it's normal. In this impoverished Runet stats yet terrible! We do not earn 80-90% Internet users. This statistic refers specifically to the CIS and Baltic countries. And if you're reading this article, then perhaps you, too, while it is not earning. Why is this happening? The answer is very simple – our love for "Freebie"! Yes, yes, dear, it was the love of "freeloading" is destroying us! And only those who finally pereboleet "freebie" there is a chance to stand on the right path.

Love for the freebie leads people to scam, which unfortunately is very much in Internet. And reading about real projects where you have to invest that money to start, what to make, people already think it's too scam and do not believe any convictions. Here is an example. Offering one of my friend really working draft, where of course it was necessary to invest some money, he refused, saying it was all scam. But the very next few days he found a site where he offered to buy a program to the Internet itself as it collects money from the payment system WebMoney.

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