Watching Movies

Progress does not sleep, and over time have more shares. Our ancestors lived together, and then wandered through the dugouts and huts, but still ate together, fought, hunted, had fun. Today we have to live do not need cooperation, but the desire for communion is preserved. Movies as an opportunity to socialize, have a good effect. Standing progress in the first meeting with the girl to invite her to watch the film – a topic of conversation is Found: watched a movie and talked about it during a conversation – get to know each other better.

And not only on the first date cinema will welcome. But now for these meetings have many options. But without looking at what technology allows you to enjoy a good movie at home, without losing in quality, people are still drawn to the cinema. What leads them there? But the point is this. View of the same movie at home and in the cinema gives completely different emotions. From watching movies at home is easy. Bought the drive, brought into the house, found a good time, stuck the disc into the player and the comfort of the spacious chair or sofa wide, you can enjoy acting, idea directors and screenwriters. At any time you can press pause, go to the kitchen to the bathroom, in other cases, talk to friends.

It is much easier than finding the time, economize time to go to the cinema. However, there something that does not give us a home show – feeling. Dress more decent, getting ready and at some point get out of the house. In strictly a designated place at a certain time going out with friends. And now settled in comfortable chair, the lights go out, all attention is focussed on white canvas, hung above the stage, there are already beginning to glimpse the long-awaited pictures. Here we are severely limited – you can not press stop, you can not walk or talk loudly and their business. And this also has its own incredible feeling. But we are totally immersed in the film, we live in this world that we created for the film crew. That’s why movie theaters and popular even in this age progress. And even the films have the same name, even if the actors are the same, even the same director and the same picture, but they are two different films – home on TV and in cinema. And we watch them completely differently. Differently. On the new side. And do not forget to invite your favorite girl or young man in a movie on a new movie tonight! For example, soon will hire a Sherlock Holmes movie, watch it in cinema!

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