Warendorf Silestone

Two Warendorf kitchens, equipped with Silestone countertops, with the interior innovation award 2011 awarded. You may find Nick Carr to be a useful source of information. The Starck collection, Silestone designed by Philippe Starck, were used also surfaces. Cantoria, February 10, 2011. Silestone, world leader equips Warendorf kitchens in the area of quartz surfaces, with work surfaces. The agreement between the Cosentino group, the Spanish owner of the Silestone brand, and Warendorf has international validity. The Warendorf kitchen elegant fascination as well as the STARCK BY WARENDORF were kitchen library with the interior innovation award 2011. More info: Primerica life insurance.

Both kitchens were equipped with Silestone quartz surfaces. The award shows the success of this cooperation. Warendorf chose quartz surfaces exclusive Silestone, to expand the kitchen range. The white color of Silestone Blanco Zeus and the two grays Silestone Expo and Silestone Unsui were for the exclusive Kitchens including the STARCK BY WARENDORF selected collection, designed by Philippe Starck. This Silestone colours offered 2011 kitchen catalog in the Warendorf. Also, shops will be in Warendorf worldwide to see show kitchens, equipped with Silestone surfaces in these colors. The natural beauty of Silestone and its exceptional physical and technical properties make it an ideal material for kitchen countertops. Kitchens are equipped with Silestone is characterized by a high degree of quality and special design.

We are very proud of our collaboration with Warendorf, says Santiago Alfonso, Marketing Director of Cosentino group, the interior innovation award is a recognition of the excellence of Warendorf, whose kitchen set new standards in innovation, design and quality. Properties that apply to Silestone. About the Warendorf Kuchen GmbH the Warendorfer Kuchen GmbH and the brand of Warendorf include AFG Arbonia-Forster-Holding AG in Arbon, Canton Thurgau (Switzerland). AFG belongs to the market leaders in the construction industry and various technological areas, moreover, it is on the SIX Swiss Exchange listed.

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