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Learn all about training and nutrition with one click. (Bonn) Sports experts make their knowledge in different subject areas on the portal available. From the Orgenda sports Fachverlag a division of the VNR Verlag for the Deutsche Wirtschaft AG with headquarters in Bonn – launched Web site is aimed at all interested and ambitious recreational athletes and offers plans for all ambitions: run a marathon under 4:30 hours or even 3:30 hours, preparation, proper training for mountain bike stage race complete a popular Triathlon with only 12 weeks. On these topics and much more an expert team released the latest advances in exercise science and sports science. The focus is first on endurance sports such as running, mountain biking and cycling, triathlon and swimming”, says Andrea Koch, Director of, but also tips for training in sports such as football and handball are published based on latest developments. The trainingsworld team works daily to expand the range of information available to make an even richer and more detailed offer the athletes.” In addition, provides many reports to proper diet and latest medical findings. Basic information to special effects certain physiological processes and loads, the interested user finds interesting facts related to the daily training. The Publisher: the Orgenda sports is the VNR Verlag for the Deutsche Wirtschaft AG with headquarters in Bonn an area of the Orgenda Publishing House for personal further development under the roof. This includes a total of eight specialist publishers to secure the biggest issues and customer proximity through a diversified distribution. According to the book report ranking the VNR is the eighth-largest specialist publisher in Germany, all publishers, 13 contact he ranked: of the sports experts Portal Thomas Sporing Theodor-Heuss-str. 2-4 D-53177 Bonn Tel.: 0228 82057533 fax: 0228 82055512 E-Mail:

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