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What we have to do now is to ensure that our visitors do not leave without trying our product or service. Or at least get to stay with our information to make a further contact with this person, send a series of letters requesting information and to send advertising and commercial offers in the future. We need to know exactly what our niche market, know your interests, age, preferences, where it is located and what can help you solve your problems with the theme of our business. Gain insight and clarity with Kenneth Feinberg. We need to know what we can offer to our visitors, if not buying immediately. It must be something very good, great value and free. And what we will offer you free will be linked to our product or service. 3.

We must learn to correctly choose the keywords and phrases to our business. We must be creative, flexible and persistent when it comes to optimization our Web site based on key words and phrases. We must not leave to chance the choice of words and can not afford to assume that a keyword is good to optimize a Web page with it. It is essential to use appropriate tools to check each key word and phrase we decided to use! Google and Yahoo offer some tools and tips on how to choose our keywords to get results. Why not take advantage? Sometimes search keywords can be time consuming and can not settle on a single keyword. Each of the pages of our website can be optimized based on a key word or key phrase.

And most important: You have to measure results and make necessary changes to get better results! 4. We need to pay attention to the quality of our website design and usability. When we created our site, firstly we must make our visitors. We created the Web site is not for us but for our visitors. It is very important that our Visitors will enjoy the website. We must not neglect the aesthetic aspect, the combination of colors we use, the font style and font size. We must ensure there is good and easy navigation through the Web site that our visitors feel comfortable and attracted both by the aesthetic of the site, as its contents. We need to publish helpful articles, tips, suggestions and links that can be shared with other users. It’s a good idea to allow visitors to interact with us and other visitors, offering options to send a link or an article to a friend, which would add more users and help expand our base of potential customers. It is also good offer several ways to navigate through our Web site and adjust the most to each user who visits us. 5. We have to concentrate on the content of our Web site. You have to constantly update the content of our Web site for both users old and new can find something new useful and interesting. We will create content brief and precise. We write content that does not exceed 600 -800 words, otherwise visitors will lose interest very quickly because most of them do not read, but browse the text. All these basic techniques of Web optimization along with the promotion of our business will soon begin to receive positive results in the development of our business. I hope you every success!

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