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The Peru has three natural regions: coast, mountains and jungle, each of them with cities of Great Cultural and archaeological interest, which invite tourists to create an exciting and unique experience. All these towns and their villages, have history in their pasts that make it attractive, have their pictorial charm and their own experiences. However there are cities that are the most visited or favorite without diminishing others. Cities such as Lima, Cusco, Arequipa, Puno, Puerto Maldonado, Iquitos, La Libertad, are the most chosen by tourists – Lima by his Viceroy architectural and archaeological museums and for being the Capital of the Peru – Arequipa, its majestic volcano el Misti, their countryside, the Canyon of Cotahuasi, its convents. -Cuzco undoubtedly by his city archaeological Macchu Picchu – Puno, navigate in the highest Lake in the Titicaca, the floating islands of the Uros community worldwide.

-Port Maldonado, its ecosystem and nature, a unique experience living in the jungle. -Iquitos is another charm city its nature reserve Pacaya Samiria, Park of Quistococha. -Freedom, the Huaca of the Sun and the Moon, the Lord of Sipan and the Senora de Cao, Chan Chan. -Cajamarca, the famous room of the rescue, the ventanillas de Otuzco and fun carnival. Now, all this add something that we can not fail to mention: the gastronomy of each city and Region and you’ll realize that there is one more reason to enjoy Peruvian cuisine. The Peru offers a diverse range of tourism as in its three regions can live these experiences the Swiss visit Huaraz and its mountains and snow-capped, scholars and scientists to Iquitos by its wildlife, the lovers of archaeology to Pachacamac in Lima, Cuzco, La Libertad, Caral in the Supe, the lovers of surfing has to the beaches of Huanchaco in La LibertadMancora in Piura and Tumbes can mention their beautiful beaches and its mangroves a space of natural greenery in the arid coastal so that their forthcoming holidays plan the city than a view of the Peru and eleija nas appeals to you and enjoy it with your family or friends experience will be unforgettable. Donate!

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