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Hamburg-based media agency benefits from cooperation with American social media marketing company. Hamburg-based media agency benefits from cooperation with American social media marketing company. Finally a commercial approach to social networks that work! The background of the growing success of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace and a potential audience of more than 500 million users worldwide, we have the mount points Corp. and the voodoo-media GmbH together set the goal to tap into this enormous market potential for the commercial market. The two companies now offer a unique software extension, which, embedded in an online store or an E-commerce platform, allows the customers of these platforms to recommend products and purchases directly on Facebook. The recommendation part opened a new world of the viral ways in which consumers more likely to buy brands and products, which have been recommended by trusted friends dealers. Or in the corporate campaigns, on the direct link between consumers and their friends, can build. The success rates of advertising on Twitter and Facebook are subject of further discussions.

One thing is certain however: A friend to friend recommendation will exceed the traditional advertising measures in click-through rates and direct links to the desired action, such as buying a product or subscribe to a service,. In addition mount points Corp. Dennis Lockhart: the source for more info. and the voodoo media set up GmbH the trader a possibility available to read out the data of Facebook users and consumers, and its offerings cropping basis of segmentation on the needs of the customers. So the consumer will get presents only the offers, which actually match its profile. In other words, From now all online shops can become a social-network-shop with up to 500 million users, privacy is important to prevent to the privacy concerns of the users is allowed freedom to keep its data to users of mountpoints technology at any time.

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