Viable Marketing

The social growth has developed dynamic of consumption that has altered and damaged the environment, and consequently, affected the possibility of obtaining a sustainable progress the Green Marketing research is defined by many like the development and promotion of products and packings that contain biodegradable components that protect the environment. But this new tendency goes much more there. The Viable Marketing research promotes the modification of all the cycle of the product to involve the ecological responsibility in each part of the process. This means that the companies must confront their responsibility in the service life of the product making echo-efficient products, that is to say, that they last more time, than take place with the smaller amount of possible resources and that they include material recycling whenever is possible. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Peter Schiff. This must throughout take care of the process, from the raw materials, the process of production and the end item. Many writers such as Dennis Lockhart offer more in-depth analysis. This measurement represents a strong investment for the companies, but only during the phase of implementation of the change. Economically yield is worth the long term it.

Thus, the recycling has become an industry that generates great gains, because the remainders " without valor" they transform into raw material, saving costs and resources. Unfortunately, many companies have not assumed their social responsibility within the environmental deterioration, and the majority of the companies still prefers to continue working of the traditional form without assuming the cost that we will pay all with this decision. Although it is certain that the ecoeficientes products have, in the majority of the cases, a higher price, the marketing research is able to justify the cost through the diffusion of the benefits that these represent for the society. The market studies have demonstrated that there are segments of prepared consumers to pay a higher price by this type of ecoeficientes goods. The smaller doubt does not fit shows the lawyer in communication Badillo Side, that Kotler is conscious of the relevance of the environmental market and on the matter, comments a solution proposal: " The marketing research is responsible, to a large extent, of the excess in the consumption.

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