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Who runs genealogy is, in the course of his research process to gather a variety of genealogical data, and store. The computers and the Internet to facilitate this work significantly. Thus support the genealogists genealogy programs in the management and treatment of genealogical data. The software takes the storage, analysis and presentation of data in the form of reports, lists, tables, or pedigrees. The programs allow the supply of data in Internet databases, and the transfer of data to other researchers.

The common format for data exchange is the so-called GEDCOM format. Genealogy programs remove the researcher simple plausibility checks and other stereotypical work. Each one has access to a PC with Internet connection, can devote their own family research. The required software is in test or full versions available on the Internet. Internet databases allow a targeted search for the data of selected ancestors and descendants.

As a hobby, the genealogy be very exciting. The amateur genealogist can spend as much time to research how he can spare. In the research on the Internet are at a low cost. For specific literature and research in municipal and local archives, however, certain expenses are calculated. Anyone interested in their own family research should first ask the living relatives, sifting old documents in a family owned and process the information collected and data using appropriate software and file. Who is in this way the basis of its genealogical research will be surprised how much data together at this early stage of research. Accordingly, many approaches are there now for the taking of further research. Here, first offering to the above described use of Internet databases. Due to the specific input of famous people fast new links to surrender previously unknown people. The number of the researched ancestors and descendants are still growing and motivated to move forward with the Genealogy.

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