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Years ago, when there were not the comments of the customer and the scores that put them. There were hotels that they offered a disservice, that the sufferers were in poor condition and nobody knew it, good customers who were staying at the hotel these hotels had some powerful distribution channels and were experts in marketing and not much concerned with the customer. since they had clients over the internet. When appeared the 2.0, where customers could put their opinions and their scores online, and this was visible to everyone who looked at these hotels, everything changed, for the good of all now if we can travel and select our hotel with a lot more peace of mind, since there are several sites that offer this information, made by customers staying in hotels, so already will be very difficult selecting a bad hotel, now we read the views of the client and see the scores that have been made, so podrmos to choose the desired hotel there are 2 kinds of portals that offer opinions and scores for customers 1.-are those open any person staying or can not write comments, is less reliable, already the same hotelier can write those comments, but now limited by Ip, few other portals are those who can write only customers staying, after your stay, email, etc 2.-portal them sends a questionnaire which was published on the website of the portal. You may want to visit Nickolas Carr to increase your knowledge. Original author and source of the article

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