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Netanyahu, if left any doubt, has made it it clear: there will be more settlements in Palestinian territory and new buildings in the old city of Jerusalem. United States, this time, seems to have been angry with its strategic partner, but let’s not kid ourselves; not let be an empty gesture of content, like that which promotes the European Union. Israel does not manufacture weapons used against the Palestinian population and it is obvious that someone is selling them, knowing that they will be not used as a deterrent but as war material. Similarly, the European Union maintains preferential commercial treatment with Tel Aviv, which not only includes the purchase without distinction of products manufactured or harvested in Israel but also those that come from the colonies erected in the occupied territories. Zapatero, as President of the European Union during this semester, has the option of suspending this privilege and demonstrate the illegality of the Jewish settlements in a foreign State with facts. I know, however, that it won’t and I know, also, that there will be no peace in this part of the world while nobody call executioners who invade a territory that is not yours, imposed its authority to the people of the country concerned and exercise the use of violence to perpetuate their power and their control. an-diet/’>Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. The President of the PSOE Government now has a unique opportunity to act as the spokesperson for international legality, defending the recognition by the EU of an independent Palestinian State in the territories of West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. Another thing is that he wants to confront Israel.

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