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Architects, decorators, contractors and many other professionals attended the conference organized social Ceramics Basurto each year to celebrate Christmas. In this relaxed atmosphere and near have been able to share opinions and discuss in a calm on the different issues that matter to all those trachea are related to the field of general construction materials and ceramics in particular. Filed under: Nicholas Carr. The event has been held in itself Basurto Ceramics exhibition with the aim of making its facilities in an open living space, a place that enhances the exchange of knowledge and concerns. Innovations In that context has been much discussed the new product that delivers Ceramics Fiandre Basurto, called Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic. Idea is a revolutionary technology that allows you to create materials for ceramic floor and wall capable of antibacterial action and reducing polluting factors. Thus becomes a very appropriate given the usual cities urban pollution.

At this meeting Basurto Ceramics Christmas has also highlighted the forthcoming entry into the manufacturing line of ceramic material Bionic Ceracasa Tile Installation facades of buildings. Using only sunlight and water, Biotic Tile is able to convert toxic gases nitrous oxide (NOx) into harmless compounds. This product achieves structural ceramics provide a function that significantly improves the environment, thus opening new frontiers in the field of environment friendly materials. success of public a Among the many professionals who have gathered at the premises of Ceramics Basurto include assistance Ingurubide project representative, the Resource Center for Sustainability in involving both the City Council of Bilbao as the Provincial Council of Biscay, and other public and private entities. Basurto Ceramics will become a contributor to Ingurubide within the company’s bid for environmentally friendly materials environment. Ingurubide mission is to provide equipment open to the public for anyone who wants to reform or equip your home or premises in accordance with sustainability criteria, has a preview area where different solutions. The meeting was also attended by various representatives of firm usually works with ceramics Basurto, as Fiandre Graniti Ceramics, Ceramics Roca, Ceracasa, Unico, Visemar Marble, or Ceramic Utzubar Dove, among others.

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