Understanding The First Markets

Basics, SCOPE’s management market in the case of Venezuela should pay more attention to how to integrate beneficially into the consumer satisfaction. Jeff Flake has much to offer in this field. In this regard, one of the participants graduate of Quality and Productivity Management Area Graduate of the University of Carabobo, Johanna Aranguren Marketing Course under my charge, in open forum on this topic shows us that the Venezuelan management uses marketing to meet consumer needs in the short term, detrimental to the welfare in the long term. It also shows that companies favor their economic benefit rather than the satisfaction of their markets and to achieve this objective, favoring the emotional value of the goods at the expense of its functional value. We must remember that consumption is not defined by the food is digested, nor clothes, nor the substance of the oral and visual images and messages, but for organizing this. It absorbed the individual in the race for the standard of living, the harassment of images, information, culture, welfare society has generated a industrialization.

The consumption was assessed the value and the existence of customs and traditions, produced a national culture and international event based on the solicitation and information needs, and removed the individual from his homeland and its stability. What we consume are signs or images of objects, ie meanings that are introduced from outside in the real things. The function of these symbols will be to satisfy and gratify the desires and ambitions. Today we live in a reality determined by the compulsion to consume, globalization and technological advancement, where the media are more vehicles than information marketing, and also lives locked in a market and not in a society.

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