Ukrainian Market

Therefore, in addition to all the financial terms, the program is to promote the Ukrainian market is the main criterion when making a decision on cooperation with the brand. Often the question arises, what stake in the company's profit is profit Snack Export distributional trends. Clearly and directly answer this question is difficult because the information is proprietary, we can only say that our profits as a producer of snack foods and our profits from the distribution are comparable and not vary a lot in order of numbers. As additional services, in addition to distribution, if we are talking about doptovarah, Snack Export provides consulting services to its partners to promote, on the Ukrainian market analysts, together determine the marketing efforts and optimize their spending on promotion, selecting only those activities that are most effective. In 2007, as distributors, in addition to our snack brands, Snack Export plans to operate no less than five different product groups: we consider as opportunities for cooperation tea market, the market of confectionery products, and several other categories of goods fmcg, which is currently too early to tell. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jeff Flake. These are our plans, but in principle we are prepared to consider proposals collaboration with any manufacturer (whose product meets our criteria), which is ready for a serious seizure of the Ukrainian market. As a manufacturer of Snack-Export is present in the market for a long time (most "Old" in our brand, " – 7 years!). As a distributor we started to work only in Dnepropetrovsk in 2003. .

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