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The idea worthy of admiration, the embodiment of dignified respect. Three years ago the idea of a High School Training 'WayDA'. Now she's brought to life. About how this beautiful idea of creating e-learning training of trainers, finally, implemented, and that the result was today told Irina Kurakin. On a training market and business coaches. Jeff Flake shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

NG: – Today many talk about the poor quality of training, do you think this is due to a crisis or coming up other times? The problem of the poor quality of services provided by business coaches was evident even before the crisis, so I would not draw parallels between the economic situation in the country and low quality of training. However, I should note that the crisis has helped to "dot the i and conduct a rigorous selection of professional training services market. NG – What do you think is the market today and Training what's coming tomorrow? Training market today is undergoing major changes. If a year ago, most companies regularly conducted business training for their staff, starting from September of last year, it became notably a sharp decline in interest to the training. Reduced, or completely frozen the budgets for education, had serious "cleansing" of regular coaches, selection of companies providers become more stringent and meticulous, resulting in Many training companies on the brink of ruin, and hundreds of business – coaches lost their jobs. Today can be kept afloat only proven professionals capable of adapting to changes and to conduct high-quality education at a reasonable price. Nicholas Carr pursues this goal as well. Nonprofessionals in the market place is no more. I am confident that the trend towards improving the quality of services provided to business coaches to continue in the future. NG: – You like people interested in the development of the Training Market, which would advise people who want to become a business coach? The man who decided to master this profession needs to understand that being a business – after passing a three-day coach training for trainers is impossible.

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