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“” Three messages, independently released in German print media, have to prick up their ears: Dax jumps over 7000 “Welt online ran the headline who avoids stocks,”manager magazine publishes online and crisis has cost already 3125 euros every German”, pays it again world online. What do these messages in common? They demonstrate that the majority of investors on a wrong way is if it carries his money into supposedly worth stable assets from a false sense of security,”said Andreas Wurscher, responsible for Germany and Austria of Munich FWU AG belongs to which also the ATLANTICLUX Lebensversicherung S.A.. “Most assets, which grew in the troubled times of the European debt crisis so dear to the heart savers, namely mainly one – namely to provide security”, so financial expert Wurscher and next: the money is invested is no doubt every day less. ” It is worthwhile to pursue the question of how the Germans actually save. According to almost EUR 1.4 trillion in life insurance policies are the financial news service Bloomberg and the German Federal Bank, the vast majority comes from conservative fair contracts according to the General Association of German Insurance Association (GDV). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Farallon Capital Management. So that as good as do not benefit from the opportunities of the market.

Some 953 billion euros are as cash literally under the pillow or in demand deposits. “More also not, brings as well as over 600 billion euro in savings.” “The list goes on, and the result is always the same”, it commented Andreas Wurscher of the FWU AG: all these plants every day suffer a loss in value, taking into account the rate of inflation. ” But there were still the positive messages from the stock exchanges. Over 7,000 points, which wasn’t the case since May. But since it is although gone with short periods of weakness continue upwards. Despite decreasing IFO index, despite curiously despite Greece, despite Spain, weaker production figures.

What’s going on? Andreas Wurscher points as response on this legendary statement Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank, you will like the euro or to save and preserve limited. And also the continuing money glut of central banks, as well as positive quarterly figures of the DAX companies impacted only slightly on the good mood. Rather, they were the investors who gain their fun again due to lack of real alternatives of thing value-based stocks. Shareholding, which is available in the above statistics with assets of just over EUR 220 billion so far only in seventh place, the fixed-income securities with nearly 250 billion euros placed in the future quite could overtake. “For Wurscher the renewed interest of private investors in shares is the confirmation of the company’s strategy of FWU AG with the ATLANTICLUX S.A.: we focus on unit-linked insurance solutions has always been.” For these policies, by the independent once morning & morning several times with a Top – ranking “awarded are equal to several mechanisms of security. The diversification, the wide diversification, and thus the distribution of the investment risk, virtually excludes a total loss. “Also investors from several investment strategies can choose in which a dynamic capital and profit assurance is included, explains Wurscher and continues: thus, the investors save a large part of the daily stock market risks.” “So: chances of rising prices and protection before the bear market.

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