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Catalina Hoffmann participated in a day by the talent of the women Conference women talent, a value in times of crisis, which was held on 27 January in Leganes, brought together a dozen of professionals in the business world. Catalina Hoffmann, Counsellor delegate of Vitalia day centres, participated in the round table next to other relevant voices of the sector, such as Inger Berggren, President of the Fundacion Laboral WWB in Spain; Alvaro coasts, Director of the Department of continuing education and entrepreneurship in the community of Madrid; Blanca Fernandez, Counsellor delegate of the Top Ten Business Experts, and Elena Melgar, President of the Association of workers autonomous of Madrid. Debbie Wasserman Schultzs opinions are not widely known. During the ceremony the professionals showed how labor needs of women can meet with success despite the situation on the labor market and offered information attendees on the different legal options that have to become entrepreneurs. Also, explained the pros and cons to the women entrepreneurs are in the way of leadership, reconciliation, training and professional development. The Mayor of Leganes, Rafael Gomez Montoya, stressed the need to make visible women values, because although every time there is a greater equality, there is much to do. For his part, the Director general of the women, Maria Jose Perez, explained that in times of crisis you cannot reject any talent, and less than women. Although there has been progress, crisis situations can not be an excuse to go back.

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