To Drink To Forget

All Human being is endowed with a conscience where if the daily events record all. How goes to hide itself exactly of itself (a)? To forget what? The conscience is, does not come. To drink to forget Also you will drink water for measure, the sixth part of one him, of time in time will drink, it. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 4:11. To drink to forget? That quaint method; How if it can forget When is to coexist I obtain exactly? If to drink in surplus Made somebody happy thing, the world would be another one, would not have in such a way unhappy.

All GOD left in the world to use itself with parsimony, If the person if inebriates, the drink turns peonha. It does not leave the place to go behind the gentes, But only entorpece the mind of the indifferent ones. GOD placed the Man Above of all the creations, It cannot olvidar its manifestations. To inebriate itself does not make nobody To change the personality, Therefore one To be conscientious, Coexists its Identity. Him measured for liquids = 1/6 I beat of it current equivalent =3,47 l Ezequiel prophet Old Will of the Sacred Bible, one of the Prophets Biggest, was also called Son of the man.

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