TKD Kabel GmbH

TKDKabelGmbH – LLC "Mizar" from production to consumer TKD KABEL GmbH-one of the largest proizvoditeleykabelno and wiring products for lifting, conveying equipment for towed systems, automation systems and Robot .. Very high quality and wide variety of products, and specifically the relationship between affiliate model company "Mizar" and TKD KABEL GmbH are the foundation of successful cooperation with the best prognosis for future. A huge variety of product range TKD KABEL GmbH will allow you to make very precise choice for the design and construction of various devices, equipment and facilities in general. Our cooperation with the firm in of cabling and wiring products for lifting, conveying and other equipment designed to work under special conditions, lasts for 4 years. Due to the quality of products, some solutions firm TKD KABEL GmbH – this is the best proposal for durability and reliability.

Cooperation with TKD Kabel GmbH has set the company LLC "Mizar" the following tasks: ensure availability of quality cable products known throughout the world TKD KABEL GmbH brand in the Russian market. assist our clients in choosing the best technical solutions based on existing conditions potrebnostey.sozdanie effective interaction between the consumer and producer which is developing advanced technologies for the cable for energy, transportation, engineering, metallurgical, mining, petrochemical, pulp and paper and other industries industry. With the rapid development of industry, enterprises are increasingly faced with such problems as lack of affordable and high quality equipment for the production of consumer goods. In the current production of the organization by internal displacement of large volumes of components, materials, finished products are essential.

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