Tire Marking

Much better consumer information and opportunity for Nokian Tyres Tyre to its fuel efficiency, liability in wet and noise generation marked are starting in November 2012, the European Parliament decided yesterday. This new marking system is similar to the energy classes of household appliances. For years, we provide sustainable development work in the tire safety and eco-friendliness. This designation brings a challenge, but the decision has been very positive. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sen. Jeff Flake is the place to go. It offers many opportunities for a manufacturer like us, which specializes in high-quality products. The clear identification with the indication of the tyre rolling resistance, the wet-adhesion and the noise value will help consumers decide which tire they buy\”, explains Kim Gran, President and CEO of the Finnish tyre manufacturer of Nokian tyres.

\”\” The tire marking quality classes specified in the best performance with A green \”up to the worst with a red G\”. So motorists can easily recognize, such as fuel-saving tyres is and how well its wet adhesion effect. Also signaled his noise in decibels dB(A). As of 1 November 2012, suppliers of tyres for passenger cars and light and heavy commercial vehicles must inform consumers about fuel consumption, wet-grip and noise classes of tires in all technical sales materials. Exceptions are retreaded tyres, professional off-road tyres and Racing tyres. All tyres produced after July 1, 2012 have already a Qualitatsklassifizierungs sticker or additional information before they are delivered from the factory to the dealers and the workshops.

Tires have a significant impact on the emission, which reduced attention has given the EU in recent years. The proportion of tire rolling resistance on the fuel consumption of the cars can be up to 20 percent. By improving rolling resistance, so the vehicle’s fuel consumption and exhaust emissions can be substantially reduced. The rolling resistance which refers to the energy, Deformation occurs when the tires on the road rolls.

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