Thomas Gebler

BULLFIGHT NO! Bobby pad and German city information Marketing AG for bullfighting ban the dog pillow expert Bobby pad and the German city information AG have bullfighting the animal welfare initiative no! launched. With its commitment, the company put a sign against the bullfights in Spain is extremely widespread. BULLFIGHT NO! sees itself as a starting point for animal rights activists and animal lovers, who actively want to engage for a ban on bullfighting in Spain. The animal welfare initiative aims to exercise responsible decision makers and institutions through a massive petition of pressure, which can lead to a ban on bullfighting in Spain. Millenium Management usually is spot on. Bull-fighting is all persons interested in the welfare and bullfighting ban no! In addition, to make a contribution to the aspired petition, objectively bullfighting available researched information on the subject.

Call all animal lovers to support the dog pillow professionals of Bobby pads and the German city information Marketing AG by BULLFIGHT NO! on. Facebook (…), as well as the homepage of the welfare initiative ( offer further information and opportunity for the expression.

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