The Use Of Electric Motors And Their Manufacture

It is strange to think that in the eighteenth century, electric motors only existed in theory. Manufactories, factories, this time using only manual labor. In our time, without any electric motor can not work production. Modern motor consists of two parts – a rotor that is associated with a mechanism that is set in motion, and the stator, on which the field winding. All motors can be divided into two Group: AC and DC. Electric motors of the first group can smoothly adjust the speed in a wide range, so they are indispensable to drive the vehicle and the lifting of a crane, earthmoving engines. AC motors are simple devices, affordable price and ruggedness in operation. The main disadvantage of these motors – the impossibility of smoothly regulate speed.

Depending on the ratio of the frequency of the mains distinguish synchronous (constant) and asynchronous (non-persistent) AC motors. Synchronous motors used in such devices as air ducts, hydraulic pumps, etc. Induction motors can be used both in home appliances (low power induction motors) and in manufacturing (cargo winches, Crane installation of the common values, etc.). As for protection pursuant to distinguish splash (protection against water drops at an angle of 600) and closed (to protect against ingress of solid bodies with a diameter of 1 mm and a water spray from any angle). The most common electric motors were and are three phase – they are used in all areas of the economy (Automatic, Remote Control, etc.). The number of production plants motors depends on the growing demand for electric motors. In Russia alone there are 73 works of electric motors. It seems that with so many manufacturers and sellers of electric motors, buy necessary equipment is not difficult.

But it depends on the reliability of the electric motor all the industry – stop it immediately leads to a simple and large financial losses. So buy an electric motor should only reliable seller. The most convenient option – it is purchasing from an authorized dealer, which usually sells at wholesale electric prices. Such dealers usually guarantee a quality manufacturer and provide after-sales maintenance of the electric motor, rewind within a specified time (usually one to three years). Also, the electric motor can be purchased from private individuals, for example, by submitting to a newspaper ad "Electric buy." But, of course, in this case, the quality of the product is not guaranteed, and repairs carried out by the buyer. Thus, the twenty-first century, electric motors have become part of our lives. And it is from quality and reliability of the motor depends on the entire production. Breakdown of the "workaholic" leads to a cessation of all other processes in the system. Washing machine or storage equipment – their work is impossible without serviceable motor. So, it is important not only to buy the motor from a reliable supplier, but also to comply with specified operating conditions (eg, for tropical and northern climates require special motors with built-in thermal protection) and have regular checkups with timely repairs.

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