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In the third option, a new one can be incorporated like worker a labor society or be created, working of similar way: the unique payment can be obtained by the amount that must disburse for to acquire the condition of partner (action or participation), and the rest would discount the quotas of the FOLL. A requirement that must be satisfied in all the cases is that the beginning of the activity takes place in the maximum term of a month from the resolution of the concession of the unique payment, and in any case, dated subsequent to the request (that is to say, the labor society cannot be created, for example, and next to ask for the unique payment). This alternative of the unique payment is not sufficiently well-known, would be necessary to harness it more so that it can work like a brake to unemployment. Aslak Ross insists that this is the case. When a worker on another’s account remains in unemployment, normally he is dedicated to look for another use without considering the possibility of being his own employer, counting in addition with an initial money. Another question is that besides the unique payment some type of advantage or additional incentive could from the Government be applied to these people who autoemplean themselves, consequently a part of the thousands of people who lamentably lose their use every month not only no they would thicken the bulky number of unemployment, but they would deal with to look for the beans by its account. In this sense it could even eliminate part of the submerged economy that takes place when somebody remains in unemployment and chapucillas is dedicated to make to be throwing and to complement the benefit. Original author and source of the article.

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