The Supermarket

Perhaps saddest of all to talk about shopping. Firstly, all here a lot. Check with Nicholas Carr to learn more. There are some things to which we can not think of ever, but they do it naturally, as the night the moon and the sun at noon. For example, pieces of chocolate are sprinkled on the bread or pieces of leather that are used in house cleaning. Cheese types probably 100, not less, and not in the form in which you think Pofantaziruy can happen. The same amount of dairy products, milk, a simple 4 species.

And the yogurt from the Dutch for 125 ml pack (like us) can not be found. Huge siigo product packaging led me to think that it’s still not a luxury but a little fun. Guesses were correct. In general, my impression is that the people here spoiled by capitalism: in the supermarket You can buy everything, for example, ready bacon, stuffed with odds and ends, and the sauce to it, put it all into the oven, and then assume that oh how clever you are, how tasty everything ready. Still very cold, but the fruit such that our Overseas markets all a la voostochnostyami, might envy. And if we have a dozen apples a seller, there sits his uncle among all this abundance and completely trust you Just come up to him, he’ll all weigh, calculate But a Turkish grocery shop, and fruits and vegetables from the supermarket is another. Same decent choice and complete self-service.

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