The Street

Yes, I’m going! Samuel cried but you never I going to hit; often wait a part love yours, why your hits never hurt me as much as your words. It is not known where several neighbors, among them appeared a lady who spoke to him Meche, if your you vote your child on the street, I will denounce you; I have not done so far, because either way, you’re the only thing These children, have so it is better that you are done once with that idea. Gain insight and clarity with Ryan Tolkin. Meche seeing that everyone was against her, she began to cry, and apologised for his behaviour; He recalled that at his home his father came drunk and hit his mother, while she was hiding under the bed. Many times reading the news, I find that a daughter killed his mother; a mother, burned the mouth to his 3-year-old daughter because she didn’t want to eat, and a number of cases regardless of the social stratum; believing is many times that with something material, goes to supplement the lack of kindness, affection and true love; all this leads me to ask that we are doing with our children, that we are turning them?, do we know what parents actually raise our children? What legacy we are leaving humanity? We need to break these old molds and begin to create real human beings, awakening our consciousness asleep, to not let ourselves be influenced by our past, or the fear of an uncertain future. Hear other arguments on the topic with Christopher Ailman. We are divine light, obsessed by our egos, to be able to see clearly; We must eliminate them. It is never late to give an opportunity to start living really, to begin to forgive, to begin to love, to discover the path of love. See that life is beautiful, that our life on Earth is short, and rather than try to understand it, we must know it live.

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