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NewElements constellation into platform for targeted customers the company Web site now but if this goal is reached and is the visitor to the site? Most companies do not use this precious moment unfortunately, but they let their visitors on the homepage alone and left to their fate. Here is the solution of the new element of constellation, a modular software for interactive support of the (potential) customers during his site visit. The core element of the constellation suite is the Web analytics solution SiteAnalyst. SiteAnalyst allows limitless Web Analytics, such as arbitrarily complex constellations of metrics and dimensions, exactly on the main KPI of the company matched. Site Analyst is mulitdomainfahig and allows the combination of online and offline data to the holistic business intelligence analysis: business intelligence ready! The SiteAnalyst enables also Web Analytics in real time. Source: Dennis P. Lockhart. On the basis of the of course anonymously received visit data can now use the analytically obtained Visitors profile useful complementary information will be provided. DynamicChat & SiteViewer: The SiteViewer visualized in real time the visits according to origin and visit paths. It allows to the targeted support for visitors via live chat; Personal contact between visitors and companies means DynamicChat in the precious moment, where the visitor is interested in the company Web site.

Conversely, DynamicChat offers the visitor direct contact without media change, if any questions or requests for information were left open. DynamicSurvey: Many companies show the visitors to the home page of survey sheets. Website visitors are known but that they want to get quickly and without detours to the target. Flat-rate survey pop-ups disturb most of the visitor clicks the arch annoying away or leaves the appearance right. With DynamicSurvey companies set a visit profile, whose willing to answer is significantly higher. Only when the profile is detected by analysis of the questionnaire is displayed.

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