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From there, the visits should increase gradually every month between 6% and 10% (this will depend directly on the quality of content and innovative and interesting is the information provided to the user, and) (you can that sometime you shoot at one much higher percentage, but this is temporary, soon it will again fall into those limits;), until you reach a moment that stabilize and then begin to decline again proportionately… We must avoid this last happen, since that is a clear signal that something is not working on our site. 2-. Although it is an interesting fact, the number of visitors is not at all decisive: the fact that I have an increase of 15% visit diary does not mean that the site is booming eye, we have to see if these visitors are new, repeat visit, and few pages visit everytime they come, if we do not associate all that, the number of visitors is totally irrelevant. There are companies that are dedicated to market websites and base the success of their strategy or online media campaign in the number of visits to a site, eye is not the same thing coming to my shop 1000 people per day to that of those thousand people who came in one day to buy 350 and that the next day of those 500return again to buy 75. 3-. We must have goals for meet: i.e., aside from having x number of visits per day, must review many users come up to certain pages of the site; must mark that is strategically pages that we consider key to measure the effectiveness of your site, the more common is the contact form (since the ideal is that once they enter the site and visit it, ideally who wish to contact you to obtain more information about this service or that product, which puts them in a potential client), although it will depend on the goals and objectives that you want to raise and cover with the site, we must always have pages target. .

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