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If just it begins, I advise to him that it looks for 2, 3 or 5 products that have direct relation among them. From that form, you will be able to remove the maximum yield to his list of subscribers, in the case that is just taking his first steps, most probable is than she does not have " miles" of clients or " prospectos". It is necessary to know how to optimize the effort to the maximum. ERROR 4: To think that it is going to sell by only made place to banner or photo of the offered product. This it is of the errors (or horrors) more common: to think that by only made place " link" or banner the miracle of the sale will take place. To be totally honest, if a connection manages to only realise some sale using as promotion form, satisfech@ sintase if the generated thing reaches to pay some month to him from lodging to its service of hosting.

A continuation, I give 4 forms him that can implement to obtain one better " performance": – &quot Realises one; review" or " revisin" presenting the pro and cons the offered product. – Before beginning to promote, &quot does one; pre-venta" , that is to say, it is creating " inters" before setting out its supply to consideration of its prospectuses. – It does not send directly to its clients to the page of sales where is the product, without before not to have captured its email. This is one of the main reasons for which many concrete possibilities are lost to close a sale, at the same time as it will never return that is to say from them. – It does not speak on " bondades" of the product at issue, it demonstrates that benefits will obtain their client at the time of ordering the purchase of the same.

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