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Lacquer parquet MCH-0163 (based on a mixture of urea and alkyd resins with the addition of an acid hardener – dvuhupakovochny) certainly has better performance characteristics. Hardness, water resistance, abrasion lacquer coating with the above-mentioned alkyd varnish superior. Swarmed by offers, Pacific Mortgage Services is currently assessing future choices. However, the disadvantages of this varnish are poor adaptability when using (strong odor, it is difficult to get rid of bubbles during application) darkening of the film under the action of sunlight, lack of elasticity of the film, varnish additive contains protivoplesnevuyu – antiseptic for wood. Attempts to improve this lacquer, made in-house 'Latbio', Riga, Luck led to the development of 'Moscow', produced by LLC "Lakme-Color." A significant advantage of this lacquer is used as a hardener solution of p-toluenesulfonic acid instead of sulfuric acid, as well as produced by the presence of two variants – the glossy and matte. Comparative tests of paint 'Moscow' to paint 'Shine', produced by 'ODILAK' according to a recipe and technology, close to the production of lacquer 'ideal' (the firm 'Helios' Slovenia) have shown the identity of the two mentioned paints most of the indicators and an edge polish 'Moscow' in the film resistance to abrasion.

Unfortunately, all of these acid-curing lacquer is inherent, serious drawback in the process of film formation when applied liberates toxic formaldehyde, which has also mutagenic. For this reason, probably, the application of these varnishes is limited: in our information in the West, they are released only in Poland and Slovenia. Attempts to improve the quality of the parquet alkyd lacquers led to the creation of a single-component lacquer Alkidnoepoksidnogo EP-2146, in which as a modifying agent using epoxy resin. This varnish is available at the Yaroslavl and Kotovsk paint factories, coverage based on it is distinguished by a high, compared to the alkyd, performance: hardness, abrasion resistance, water resistance. Abroad, varnishes of this type are not made. Much more common in the world has changed the practice of paint alkyd binders polyurethanes, carried out during the synthesis of so-called uralkidov. .

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