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Many political terms vary in meaning according to the context in which it is applied, generating confusion. A liberal in the sense strictly economic of the word, it has nothing to do with a left-wing liberal. An individual’s right, doesn’t have to be necessarily conservative. It may be economically conservative and socially liberal. The combinations are varied. The following are some political definitions modern, valid only for representative of Western democracies.

Right-wing (conservative): They tend to favor the free economy but they often protect laws that restrict the behavior which violates traditional values. They resist excessive control of the Government on business. They supported government intervention to defend the morality and the conventional family structure. They are usually in favour of a strong army, oppose bureaucracy and high taxes, advocate for the market economy and sustain strict compliance with the law. Lefts (Liberals): They usually advocate freedom of choice in personal matters, but they tend to significantly support the control of the been about the economy.

They generally support a Government that serves economic safety cushion to help the disadvantaged and support strict regulations for business. They sustain the Government to promote equality and tolerate the diversity of lifestyles. Centrists: Support an intermediate position in relation to government control over the economy and behavior. Depending on the theme, sometimes supported State intervention and others the freedom to choose. They boast of maintaining an open mind, tend to oppose extremism, and emphasize what they call practical solutions to problems. Libertarians: Sustain maximum freedom both personally and economically. They advocate a small government that is restricted to protecting the individual from coercion and violence. They tend to embrace the individual responsibility, are opposed to the Government bureaucracy and taxes. They promote private charity, tolerate diverse lifestyles, support the market economy and defend civil liberties. Statist (big government): Want that the Government has considerable power over the economy and individual behaviour. They often doubt that economic freedom and personal are practical options. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jeffrey Verschleiser. They are wary of the free market, they sustain high taxes and the centralized planning of the economy. Opposed to the diversity of life forms and question the importance of civil rights. Both the leftist and democratic rights tend to favor environmental regulations, defend the civil rights and freedom of expression, although these concepts are used by leftists adjudging his paternity to recruit followers. The ecological and environmental theme is universal and concerns us all, Liberals and conservatives. And you what line are you?

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