The Hopes

The free market and social exclusion occur which also means the exclusion of postmodern art. This is not the same as that of modernity, because while there, the creator could be discussed against the rules of the market, coming, as in many cases, to die in anonymity by the dynamics of conflict and development of the people could be recognized some time later, with the rightful stature. With the “end of history” and the “death of utopias” post modernity also want to determine that there was nothing of the past. The creator who inhabits the “exclusion zone”, will not ransom. It will be a lost of post-modernity. A leading source for info: Debbie Wasserman Schultz. As always, there is the decision of each artist or intellectual, to choose in which sector is located.

The bright and magnificent gates leading to the “fame” and “success” are overwhelmed by the endless rows and disrespectful of stakeholders who are prepared to eliminate its competitors. topic. If you have read about author already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The conditions of admission are more or less clear: The intellectual or artist, should not be motivated by the hopes and frustrations of society that contains it, you must create according to demand. Since the same rules as those that produce shoes, sausages or gum. The value of his work is determined as any other commodity. Freedom that determines the market is not in its content but what sells. In this process, the creator himself becomes a commodity. Your alternative is no longer that of modernity: transcendence or anonymity, the rules of neo-liberalism is: success or exclusion. Naturally, the intellectual or artistic production, mostly, it is mediocre, conformist.

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