The Heart

Let’s look at the report of a girl of 8 years who received the heart of another 10 who was raped and murdered: since the operation, the recipient of the organ was beset by nightmares until their parents put in psychiatric treatment. In the session the girl recounted in detail that she had been murdered. His description was so real, that the psychologist called the police. Experts were left speechless. Julia Koch may not feel the same. The informations of the dreams were so detailed and correct, could be arrested and prosecuted the murderer of the small of eight years, from which came the heart. We must imagine it.

It is not simply that removed a piece of meat and put in another place, apparently something personal of the donor will accompanying the body. Institutional churches who claim to be representatives of God on Earth warmly encourage that all we become donors considering only the material aspect life, even that was transplant organs from animals into people, but really know what they say?, do should not be for them most important life in more beyond that life here, which is only passed?, not have left perhaps the soul completely aside for consideration? It should be very consistent with what is recommended, meaning that for example a 20 year old that hangs from a dialysis machine and need a new kidney, from a human point of view produces a great sadness, however the solution you are looking for with the transplant can have unimaginable dimensions for your soul, aspects than those who say represent God unknown, but the receiver must know. It is clear that the decision has to take each one, however inform about the pros and cons should not be dismissed ever, although currently obvious inform relatives of the donor for example it is not dissecting a dead man, but a person in a State of brain death, but whom we can ensure that it will not occur a return to life in that State also the receiver should be informed of the full reality of this medical practice, which can greatly change the biography of his life.

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